How much is window cleaning going to cost

How much is window cleaning going to cost

How much is window cleaning going to cost in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington

This, of course, is always one of the first questions a homeowner has when starting the research process for a window cleaning Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington company. The problem with answering this question, is that most window cleaning cost company’s pricing structures are vastly different so it can be very tough for one to truly know what the price is to get your windows cleaned. Notwithstanding, I’ll do my best here to give you some realistic price ranges as to what most people will spend. (And remember, these prices are AVERAGE, and can vary drastically depending on the company, etc, etc)

Small House Window Cleaning (approximately 1800 sqf or less): Exterior $125 Interior $125

Medium House Window Cleaning (approximately 2500 sqf or less): Exterior $150 Interior $150

Large House Window Cleaning (approximately 3500 sqf or less): Exterior $180 Interior $180

Extra Large House Window Cleaning (approximately over 3500 sqf): Exterior $220 Interior $220

This typically includes: a 7 step window cleaning method

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Window Cleaning and WSIB

Window Cleaning and WSIB


As a homeowner or business owner you no doubt want anyone working on your property to be properly insured and following all government regulations. That way in the event of an unfortunate accident you will not be held liable for a work place injury.

It is important for you to know that as of Jan 1 2013 the Laws regarding window cleaning have changed.

Basically according to WSIB window cleaning falls into 2 categories.

Ground Level Window Cleaning


Above Ground Window Cleaning

What this means for you as a homeowner or Business Owner is, that if at any time a worker is using a ladder or something else they are climbing to access a window they must have the Above Ground Window Cleaning Coverage. (this includes a 2′ stepladder to the biggest ladder you can buy)

Seems simple doesn’t it.

The problem is, that the vast majority of window cleaning companies do not comply with this Law.

Since the cost to a company is quite high to have workers classified as above ground window cleaners they either fail to register with WSIB or they only classify themselves as Ground Level Window Cleaners.

Now this may all seem great at first, since you as a home or business owner may experience a lower quote from these companies, and the company itself only has to pay out a fraction of WSIB costs. However, should an accident occur WSIB will do an investigation. Which could lead to huge fines for the company and perhaps you as a homeowner.

What can you do to protect yourself?

ALWAYS ask a window cleaning company if they have ABOVE GROUND COVERAGE FOR WINDOW CLEANING. Or if you are a business get in the habit of requesting a clearance certificate from WSIB for any work being done on your property. You will be able to see if a particular company has the appropriate coverage.

Now you will likely get all kinds of answers saying we don’t need it, or it doesn’t apply to our company, or because i’m working directly for you i don’t need it, or we send a guy who is his own company to do the work and he pays us a commission so he doesn’t need it, or a host of other excuses.

These companies may feel they are compliant, and even advertise that they are WSIB compliant.

At the end of the day though, they just don’t have the proper coverage!

Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable dealing with a company that can say yes we are covered. There is no reason to worry.

That is what we at Sunrise Window Cleaning can say!

Below you can see a copy of our WSIB remittance Form. Clearly indicating the 2 categories.

As you can see there is quite a difference in cost associated with cleaning windows from the ground only ($3.73 Per $100) vs cleaning windows on a ladder or anything else ($18.31 Per $100)

Hopefully this will help you to make an educated decision when choosing a window cleaning company.


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Do you want to sell your window cleaning business?

Do you want to sell your window cleaning business?

sell window cleaning businessSunrise Window Cleaning is looking to expand our commercial window cleaning routes.  If you are interested in selling your window cleaning route please contact us.  Ideally we are looking for routes located in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and Milton.


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How we protect your house

How we protect your house

how we protect your house window cleaning

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is to hire a company to do a job for you, and then because of their inexperience or lack of respect for your property they cause damage to your home.

At Sunrise Window Cleaning we understand that you just want the job done right and with no hassles.

That is why we endevour to protect your home from any damage while we are there.

These are not “rocket science” ideas, just a few common sense steps that protect your home while we are there.

For instance all our ladders have ladder bumpers on the end of them. This is so that when we lean our ladder against your home there is a soft cushion of foam that will not scratch chip, dent, or cause any damage to the siding of your home.

Additionally when we need to access a window from a roof, we install ladder standoffs on the ladder. This is so the ladder is not sitting on the eavestrough. When a technician climbs the ladder without standoffs it WILL scratch the paint, but worse it will often dent or crush the eavestrough. That is why it is our company policy to use ladder standoff each and every time we need to get on the roof.

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benefits of regular window cleaning

Many people overlook windows when they are completing cleaning tasks, or they may only clean their windows every once in a while. Clean windows have many benefits, ranging from your building’s overall appearance to improving the efficiency of your home.


A benefits of regular window cleaning regular maintenance routine should include window cleaning, and it is best if windows are cleaned at least once a month. Clean windows make both the exterior and interior of a building more appealing. For a home, clean windows will make the house look well-maintained and cared for. For a business, clean windows indicate that the owner is conscientious and will take care of even the smallest details. This can be very enticing for customers. The interior of a home will look clean and tidy when smudges and dirt have been removed from glass. Sunlight will be able to stream through the windows without shadows being cast from water deposits or fingerprints. Shiny windows will also invite guests to sit back and enjoy the warm and cozy environment. The interior of a business environment will also benefit from clean windows. Products and displays can be seen more clearly by consumers, which will encourage them to visit the shop.

Maintain Quality of Windows

By performing regular window cleaning tasks, you ensure that your windows will have a long life. Many environmental contaminants, such as acid rain, hard water and oxidation, can damage windows over time. When you regularly clean your windows, you remove the materials that could cause the glass to break down or become weaker. You will be less likely to need glass restoration in the future, which will save you quite a bit of money.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Windows are more efficient when they are cleaned properly. Dirt and grime can prevent sunlight from warming the house naturally during winter. Insects can eat through window screens and have access to the interior of the building. Dirt and dead bugs can accumulate in the sill of the window, which may prevent the window from sealing correctly. Oxidation and weathering of frames can cause minor air or water leaks. These leaks could cause fogging and condensation on the inside of the windows and may lead to mold or mildew on the windows. All of these problems keep your windows from being as effective as possible. When you clean them thoroughly, you remove the materials that could interfere with how well your windows insulate and protect your home.


When you have clean windows, you are able to be more comfortable in your home or office. You will not be distracted by the smudges or grime that accumulates on the glass, and you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the view from your windows. Clean windows allow you to bask in warm sunlight without worrying about all of the spots or smears that can interfere. You won’t feel embarrassed when visitors or customers stop by because you will know that your windows are as shiny as possible. Clean, shiny windows contribute to an atmosphere that is tidy and inviting. If you want to enjoy the benefits of clean windows, call us. Our window cleaning professionals will safely remove all of dirt and grime that has accumulated on your windows. We have all of the tools and supplies necessary to ensure that your windows are spotless and shiny for your comfort and enjoyment.

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